Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen have dedicated themselves to exploring the area in-between Ólafur’s more acoustic, piano-based solo work and Janus’s synth-heavy electro pop, with their collaborative electronic project Kiasmos.

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2014 on Erased Tapes to much acclaim. Made in Ólafur’s newly build studio in Reykjavík, Iceland, a majority of the album was recorded using acoustic instruments such as a drummer and live string quartet, next to a variety of synthesisers, drum machines and tape delays. With Ólafur performing on the grand piano and Janus creating detailed beats, glitches and off-field electronics.

November 2015 saw the release of Swept EP wherein the guys experiment with live percussion and synthesisers in a studio in Berlin. It features 3 new tracks and a remix by Tale of Us.

Since their Swept EP, the duo have been performing shows extensively across the world. Kiasmos mark their return in 2017 with a new 12” EP titled Blurred with remixes from British producer Bonobo and German electronic musician Stimming, taking tracks Blurred and Paused into different coloured realms.

Tour dates

Vibe (DJ Set Janus) 22nd Nov '19 Brno, Czech Republic
Le Discret (DJ Set Janus) 23rd Nov '19 Lyon, France
Krakowska 180 (DJ Set Janus) 29th Nov '19 Wroclaw, Poland
Tama (DJ Set Janus) 30th Nov '19 Poznan, Poland
Razzmatazz (DJ Set Janus) 6th Dec '19 Barcelona, Spain
L'Iboat (DJ Set Janus) 7th Dec '19 Bordeaux, France
Rakovska Hall 108 (DJ Set Janus) 13th Dec '19 Sofia, Bulgaria Buy tickets
Apgrade (DJ Set Janus) 14th Dec '19 Belgrade, Serbia
Epizode Festival (DJ Set Janus) 27th Dec '19 Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Gaite Lyrique (DJ Set Janus) 24th Jan '20 Paris, France
Lieu Unique (DJ Set Janus) 25th Jan '20 Nantes, France
Volt (DJ Set Janus) 31st Jan '20 Milano, Italy
Mondo ( DJ Set Janus) 1st Feb '20 Madrid, Spain